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Homemade pizza is inexpensive, easy, and fun to make. But, with so many recipes out there, where do you start? Encyclopizzeria found three go-to resources for all your homemade pizza-making needs. These three websites provide tips, tricks, tools, and countless possibilities on how to make your own homemade pizza.

1. The Serious Eats Pizza-Making Guide

Dedicated to reporting on restaurants and food trends in a variety of cities, Serious Eats is a great foodie resource. That’s why it’s no surprise that their pizza making guide is top-notch. Organized by regional style and dough type, the Serious Eats Pizza-Making Guide is the easiest homemade pizza resource to navigate on our list. Professional quality photos paired with conversational and in-depth step-by-step directions make The Serious Eats Pizza-Making Guide informative and easy-to-follow.

2. Real Deep Dish

The creator of Real Deep Dish, Ed Heller, is a local Chicagoan who dedicates a large amount of his time to making homemade deep dish pizza. Besides Ed’s hilarious and conversational voice, one of the best things about Real Deep Dish is that Ed is always trying to improve his homemade pizza recipes. Ed isn’t afraid to tell you where he went wrong so that you won’t make the same mistakes he did. Besides Ed’s honesty, Real Deep Dish is unique because many of his homemade pizza recipes attempt to emulate the tastes and flavors of some of Chicago’s most famous deep dish pizzerias. While your homemade pizza may not stack up to the deep dish butter-crust of Lou Malnati’s, it’s still fun to give it a try.

3. PizzaMaking.com

Just as its name suggests, PizzaMaking.com is home to everything you’d ever need to know about making homemade pizza PM contains a glossary of pizza terms, a recommended list of homemade pizza-making books, and information on a wide range of homemade pizza-making tools. What sets this website apart from our other homemade pizza resources is its massive community-driven forum. PM’s forum contains thousands of posts by homemade pizza-making newbies and seasoned veterans. One of the most unique threads on the PM forum has to be their “Starters/Sponges” thread. A starter is a pre-ferment used in dough-making that has multiple benefits, including providing the dough with a more complex and developed flavor. While PM can be a little overwhelming, it’s a great place to begin and continue learning how to perfect your homemade pizza.

What are some of your essential homemade pizza resources? Share your tips, tricks, and favorite homemade pizza recipes in the comments below.



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Erin Nederbo grew up in Chicago's Jefferson Park neighborhood. Her writing has appeared on UpChicago.com and in New City. Her favorite pizza topping is sausage.


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