4 Books Every Pizza Douche Should Read


So, you want to be a pizza douche? Professional eater Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti recommends four books every pizza enthusiast should read.

  1. Everybody Loves PizzaEverybody Loves Pizza: The Deep Dish on America’s Favorite Food
    by Penny Pollack and Jeff Ruby
    The dining editor of Chicago Magazine, Penny Pollack, and the magazine’s chief dining critic, Jeff Ruby, paired up to write this comprehensive history of American pizza that includes recipes a directory of over 500 pizzerias worth trying throughout the country.
  2. American PieAmerican Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza
    by Peter Reinhart
    As the full-time baking instructor at Johnson and Wales University and the author of numerous books on food, Peter Reinhart chronicles his journey throughout Italy and the United States in search of the perfect pizza.
  3. Pizza: A Global HistoryPizza: A Global History (Reaktion Books – Edible)
    by Carol Helstosky
    Part of a series that examines the history of a variety of cuisines, Pizza: A Global History follows the food from it’s conception through its rise in popularity and into the dish’s .
  4. Pizza: A Slice of HeavenPizza: A Slice of Heaven: The Ultimate Pizza Guide and Companion
    by Ed Levine
    Written by Ed Levine, the founder of the popular food website, Serious EatsPizza: A Slice of Heaven was published in 2005 in order to celebrate the centennial of New York City’s oldest pizzeria, Lombardi’s. In his anthology, Levine and a long list of contributors attempt to answer an array of questions on the history, culture, taste, and mass appeal of pizza.

Do you agree with Patrick’s list? What are some of your favorite books on pizza? Continue the discussion in the comment section below.


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Erin Nederbo grew up in Chicago's Jefferson Park neighborhood. Her writing has appeared on UpChicago.com and in New City. Her favorite pizza topping is sausage.


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