Do You Remember Pizza Hut’s Pizza Head?


For nearly a decade, Pizza Hut’s Pizza Head commercials inspired ’90s kids across America to grab a slice of pizza from Pizza Hut. Between 1991 and 1999, the only thing more popular than Pizza Hut’s BookIt Program was Pizza Head.

Pizza Hut’s Pizza Head commercials mimicked the format of Saturday Night Live’s, “The Mr. Bill Show.” Each commercial began as a live action parody show called, what else, “The Pizza Head Show.” Pizza Hut’s Pizza Head commercials would introduce the “Pizza Head Show” and continue with Pizza Head addressing the audience and getting himself in and out of  various cheesy predicaments–all while promoting Pizza Hut’s latest pizza promotion.

With Pizza Head’s high-pitched voice, claymation make-up, and pizza-cutter nemesis, it’s no wonder that Pizza Hut’s Pizza Head commercials made Serious Eats’ list of their favorite ’90s Pizza Commercials. Lucky for us, has compiled all of Pizza Hut’s Pizza Head commercials into one YouTube video.

Which of Pizza Hut’s Pizza Head commercials is your favorite?




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