Proof that Pizza Rat is All of Us


If you haven’t seen the video of a subway residing New York City rat carrying a slice of pizza home, you need to educate yourself.

With over 1 million views on YouTube and an array of media buzz, Pizza Rat has quickly become an overnight Internet sensation. He is clear proof that hard work and perseverance in the face of unbelievable odds can sometimes, almost pay off. An American hero, Pizza Rat represents the American Dream. To show our admiration and love for the ratchet rodent who tried and almost could, we’ve scoured the Internet to prove that Pizza Rat is all of us.

“Workin’ 9-5, just to make a livin’!” 

Pizza Rat is All of Us

Just like the rest of us, Pizza Rat is getting priced out of New York City. 

Family, it’s complicated.

Sometimes Pizza Rat has an existential crisis. 

Sure, there’s imitators out there. But there can only be one you #individualism 

Pizza Rat, he’s just like us. #SingleForever

Thank you Pizza Rat! For giving us hope. 




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