21 times Amazon understood our pizza addiction a little too well


From pizza flavored dog treats to pizza patterned drumsticks, it’s pretty clear that Amazon just gets our pizza addiction. That’s why we pulled together a list of 21 Amazon that prove they know us better that we know ourselves.

Pizza Flavored Dog Treats


Amazon’s Pizza Pawty flavored dog treats allow us to share our pizza addiction with our best friend.

Pizza Patterned Drumsticks 

Amazon has spoken. Time to buy these drumsticks and change the name of your Jane’s Addiction cover band to Pizza Addiction. 

Pizza Converse

Lace up your pepperoni sneakers, hit the basketball courts, and prepare to be the ultimate envy of all your friends.

16 GB Pizza USB Flash Drive 


A 16GB  slice of data brought to you by Amazon.



Pizza Socks

This feet were made for walking to get pizza.

Extra Long Cheesy Pizza Scarf

F#ck! pumpkin. This fall, it’s all about the ‘za.

’90s Pizza Bucket Hat 


If Chris Krikpatrick would’ve worn this 90s’ pizza bucket hat instead of the one he had on, maybe his clothing line, FuMan Skeeto, wouldn’t have failed. #JustSayin

Cheesy Pizza Bling

How did Amazon know we had a bling and pizza addiction?

Pizza Party Lights

Dance like no one’s watching. Love as though you’ve never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth, underneath the glowing lights of pizza.

Pizza Shaped Balloon 

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t let us buy balloons in bulk.

3D Pizza vs. Taco Shirt 


Yummy Pizza Pocket 

This Yummy Pizza Pocket is the best way to transport your packets of red crushed peppers and parmesan cheese from pizzeria to pizzeria.

Hipster Cat+Pizza iPhone Case

Thanks Amazon! We really appreciate this purrfect phone case.

Scented Pizza Pens

Now, when you’re writing love notes to pizza, you can smell pizza.

Temporary Pizza Tattoos

Don’t worry, we know your love of pizza is permanent.

Pizza Slice Plates

Eat your slices on a slice.

Pizza Gummies in Bulk 

The only thing better than candy gummis is when they’re shaped like pizza.

Pizza Lanyard 

Nothing says, “ID me. I dare you,” like this pizza lanyard.

Baby Pizza Bae

Start them early. Start them young. Start them out on the proper path to pizza.

Pizza Pillow

Rest your head down and dream of pizza.

Cats in Space Pizza Tank 





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