This Week in Pizza News: Vegan Pizza at Domino’s Edition


From Vegan Pizza at Domino’s throughout Israel to Jon Stewart calling Donald Trump the “candidate version of the hot dog crust pizza.” Oh, and did we mention that we stumbled upon a tattoo of a bear, dressed as Mike Ditka, eating pizza?

World Pizza News (July 20th-July 27th)

This week, we learned why Domino’s only sells vegan pizza in Israel.

Dar Fisher's Photo of Vegan Domino's Pizza

According to the CSMonitor, in Tel Aviv, “Some 400 food establishments are certified ‘vegan friendly,’ including Domino’s Pizza, the first in the global chain to sell vegan pizza topped with non-dairy cheese.” The demand is clearly there. This year, Domino’s Israel sold over half a million vegan pizzas.

We found Domino’s vegan menu options in Israel to be particularly interesting. Seeing that, at an April 2015 Domino’s shareholders meeting, PETA proposed the chain offered cruelty-free, vegan pizza options to customers in the United States. According to The Huffington Post:

Tim McIntyre, Domino’s vice president of communications, said that the company has tested vegan cheese before, but it didn’t perform. He also said there are no signs that Domino’s customers want vegan options.

Jared Fagerberg wrote an essay that left us longing to visit A to Z Pizza Farm. 

A to Z Pizza Farm

This summer, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding pizza farms. Lucky for us, Jerard Fagerberg, a writer for City Pages, took us through an afternoon at A to Z Pizza Farm in Wisconsin. With just enough sass, some great descriptions, and charming photos, Fagerberg told us everything we needed to know about a trip to the pizza farm.

Jefferson City, MO said goodbye to Pizza Kwik owner Bob “Greasy Bob” Huber. 

Pizza Kwik Jefferson, MO

One of the best things about pizza is that it has the power to bring entire communities together. Best served piping hot, over a pitcher of beer, among friends; pizza is a working man’s food. That’s why, when we stumbled upon this heartfelt obituary for the owner of Jefferson City’s Pizza Kwik, Bob “Greasy Bob” Huber, we felt it necessary to share it with our pizza community. Kwik’s daughter recalled her dad’s passion for pizza and his community when she told the News Tribune,

“I’ve had probably dozens of people come forward and tell me stories about how when their family was having hard times my dad gave them free groceries or gave them free pizzas. … He and I would go take groceries places, but I never knew why or what we were doing,” she said. “He loved Jefferson City. This was his hometown. He would have never dreamed of going anywhere else. He absolutely adored it.”

Celebrities, they’re just like us!

✔️pizza in Naples #bucketlist

A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

Pizza power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend proved once again, that they can kick it at any type of restaurant. The couple had a pizza party at Pizza Sorbillo’s in Naples. Which sounds really extravagant. Good thing First We Feast reminded us that the flawless Chrissy Teigen gets down with a $1 slice at 12AM every now and then. Just like us.

Jon Stewart sliced into Donald Trump. Donald Trump and Jon Stewart Pizza –by referring to him as the, “candidate version of the hot dog crust pizza” #saucy Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s camp tried to appeal to young voters with free pizza and an ironic, throwback photo. 

The longest running Pizza Hut in the USA closed its doors.

Vintage Pizza Hut

–and we found out that Pizza Hut was started by two (presumably intoxicated) Wichita University students in 1958.

Chuck E. Cheese bribes moms with fee spa treatments.

Chuck E. Cheese Will C. Fry Flickr

If you were a mom in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this week and were forced to spend your afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese, there’s a chance that you got an unexpected surprise. No, we’re not talking about finding a used needle in a ball pit. We’re talking manicures and new menu items. According to Pizza Marketplace, “… the brand surprised moms with impromptu spa treatments, including massages and manicures as well as samples of new menu items.” Perhaps blow outs and eyebrow extensions are coming to a Chuck E. Cheese in your neighborhood soon?

Someone turned falafel into pizza crust.

The Falafel Crust Pizza


Someone thought that watermelon is pizza, because Canada.

Watermelon Pizza


Cold Slices #ICYMI

Kyle Feeney is on a 365 day pizza challenge to raise $10,000 for Autism Speaks.

Every day this year, Kyle Feeney has been eating pizza for autism. Kyle’s cousin, Robert, is autistic and for 13 years, Kyle and his family have been volunteering and helping to raise awareness for autism. This year, Kyle decided to take his autism advocacy to the next level by embarking on a 365 day pizza eating challenge. Each day, Kyle posts a new, comical Instagram video of him eating pizza. Check out one of his latest videos below:

According to his interview with Andrew Duff from Autism Speaks, if Kyle reaches his goal of $10,000, he’ll get a pizza tattoo on his butt cheek. Help Kyle meet his goal by donating to Autism Speaks here and follow his daily pizza progress on Instagram @team_pizza_365.

We found out that the Pizza Planet truck has appeared in every Pixar movie—excluding The Incredibles.

Pizza Planet Truck

Mind. Blown.

We discovered the most Chicago tattoo on the planet. 

Da Bears. #ditka #chicagobears #chicagobearstattoo #chicago Thanks Tony!

A photo posted by Nick Sarich (@nick_sarich_tattooer) on

You’re welcome.


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