This Week in Pizza News: Punk Rock Edition


World Pizza News (August 3rd-August 10th)

Pizza Memoir is so punk rock it’s moving from NYC to Austin, TX.

Colin Atrophy Hagendorf, the man who ate a plain slice of cheese pizza at every pizzeria in New York, recently released Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza. In a recent feature piece in Gothamist, Jonathan Karp, from Simon and Schuster describes Slice Harvester as, “Eat Pray Love meets The Basketball Diaries.”

Meanwhile this list claims to feature the 10 most exotic pizza pies in NYC

New York City Pizza

Man delivers 30,000 pizzas over the course of 18 years.

Pizza News 18-year Delivery Man

Claims he’s only, “been exposed to about a handful of nudes during the 30,000 pizza deliveries he’s made.”

Someone had an existential crisis and dared to ask the question: “Does marinara pizza with mozzarella really exist?”

Neapolitan Pizza at Panino's

After talking to Emanuela, an old-time pizzaiola at Grande Uccio in Bologna, Dany Mitzman, writes about the, “pizza that doesn’t exist.” Her investigation begins when Dany asks Emanuela for a marinara-based pizza with mozzarella. After Emanuela looks at Dany in disgust she says, “A pizza rossa is made with tomato and without mozzarella. So you can’t have a marinara with mozzarella because there’s no such thing.” Or, can you?

Should we be frying our pizza? One chef’s answer will surprise you!

Fried Pizza at SRO

Last week, Chef Giulio Adriani from New York’s SRO Pizza Speakeasy stated his case for why we should all be frying our pizza. Having tried the fried pizza at SRO Pizza Speakeasy earlier this year, we can confidently say that Adriani is right.

Huffington Post reported on Pizza Hut’s epic fails.

Pizza Hut Fails Pizza News

To our surprise, they only found 12.

We’re still terrified of this nacho/pizza hybrid we stumbled upon.

Nacho Pizza Hybrid Pizza News

We learned that Telepizza, a pizza chain primarily located in Spain, has put tortilla chips on top of a pizza, created a volcano out of pizza dough, and filled said volcano with nacho cheese. We’re grateful we only stumbled upon a photo and haven’t had to smell the bathroom causality that this is sure to leave behind.

Why not plan your next vacation around pizza?

With this week’s list the finest 13 pizza joints in Houston and the 8 best pizzerias in Berlin.

Local Deep Dish: Chicago’s Week in Pizza News

Local filmmaker is 34 days and $8,420 away from creating a Chicago pizza documentary

My Pie's Sausage and Mushroom Deep Dish Pizza

With the recent announcement and funding of Scott Wiener’s pizza documentary, we can only hope that this documentary will give us all the dish on deep dish.

Coalfire Pizza recently opened up a second location in Lakeview.

Gino’s East is opening in Pilsen with Mexican-inspired menu options

Burt’s Place is temporarily closed

Burt Katz

…and all we can do is cry about it.

Cold Slices: Pizza News You Might Have Missed #ICYMI

We missed Pizza Fest Seattle

Pizza Fest Pizza News

Described as, “an independent, irreverent three-day music festival, which originated in Chicago in 2009 and continues in sunny Seattle. We showcase punk, rock and roll, garage, No Wave, new wave, plus a few electronic, rap, and impossible-to-categorize artists.”

Someone at the Orange County Fair ruined pizza by deep frying it




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