Last Week in Pizza News: World Championship of Pizza-Box-Folding Edition


Enjoy our piping hot delivery of last week’s most notable pizza news.

World Pizza News (July 13th, 2015-July, 19th)

A world record for folding pizza boxes exists and, this week, Petr Bauer broke it.
Pizza News Petr Bauer Pizza Box Folding Record

Did you know that there’s such a thing as the world pizza-box-folding championship? This week, German native Petr Bauer folded 13 pizza boxes in one-minute. Breaking the previous Guinness World Record of 12 pizza boxes folded in one-minute. While we’re not sure what type of practice goes into professional pizza-box-folding, organizer Alexander Becker was quoted saying that, “It is a sport that is somewhat demanding…aside from fitness and digital dexterity, nerves are a deciding factor.” We’ll let you be the judge.

What’s the deal with pizza spinning?
Jazz Guy Flickr Creative Commons

Author Gareth May wrote an informative piece on pizza spinning in which we learned that, “For a Margherita to be recognized by The True Neapolitan Pizza Association (Associazione Verace Pizza napoletana), it has to conform to a 127-page document.” All you home pizza makers better get to reading.

How you eat your pizza has a real and permanent impact on your personality.
Photo from the Cornwell Ontario Free News.

YahooNews came at us last week with some hard hitting pizza journalism when they told us about the 10 Different Ways We Eat Pizza (And What They Say About You).

We finally found the words to describe Pizza Hut’s food hybrid craze.

Last week, Will Gordon provided us with the words we’ve been looking for to describe Pizza Hut’s food hybrid craze. “Pizza Hut’s not afraid to get kinky with the pie.” Based on Pizza Hut’s recent pot pie pizza (available in Australia) we’d have to say that truer words have never been spoken.

Someone asked their local Pizza Hut to draw a dragon on their pizza box.
Pizza News Domino's Dragon Drawing

Meanwhile, even after reading Gordon’s essay and seeing this dragon cartoon, we’re still wondering why you would order pizza from Pizza Hut.

Jeb Bush spent $505.27 on Domino’s pizza.
Linette Vasquez Flickr Creative Commons

We’ll just let you comment on this one.

Bustle gave us a bunch of pizza making tips.
Val D'Aquilla Flickr Creative Commons

Jessica Learish threw the dough down when she wrote this comprehensive and informative guide on making pizza at home. She even remembered you gluten-free folks. So, unlike Jeb Bush, you’ll never have to make the mistake of ordering Domino’s again.

Local Deep Dish: Chicago’s Week in Pizza

Downtown Denver might, just possibly, be getting a Giordano’s.
Ericakrysl Flickr Creative Commons

Chicago expats in Denver, CO rejoice! After phoning in all those frozen deep dish pizza orders, you might, just possibly, be getting your very own Giordano’s.

Hot Doug’s Atomic Pizza will live forever in our hearts and at Piece.
Hot Doug's Atomic Pizza

If you missed Hot Doug’s three-chili pepper pork sausage with pepper jack cheese and caramelized onion pizza at Piece earlier this year, fear not! On Thursday, July 16th Doug Sohn of Chicago’s most infamous and beloved hot dog stand, permanently put his Atomic Pizza on Piece’s menu.

Cold Slices of Pizza News: #ICYMI

Scott Weiner will star in the full-length pizza documentary of our dreams.

Pizza expert and enthusiast Scott Weiner of Scott’s Pizza Tours, is getting the recognition he deserves in an upcoming full-length pizza documentary from Notice Pictures. Last week, the filmmakers launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund the remaining costs for a film that will allow audiences to, “experience the world’s most beloved food, through the eyes of the man who loves it most.” Filmmakers Ryan Jones and Shawn Willis have been collecting footage for the past 6 months and, as of Monday, July 20th, are only $12,915 away from giving all of us the pizza documentary of our dreams. Help make dreams a reality. Donate $25 by Wednesday, August 5th and receive an early access downloadable copy of the completed documentary.

Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti appeared on America’s Got Talent.
Patrick poses next to the carpeted walls at Vito and Nick's.Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti

Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti—professional eater, pizza enthusiast, and owner of Lincoln Square’s Taco in a Bag, drank 120 raw eggs in roughly 47 seconds on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.


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