10 Ways to Pizza-fy your Life


The Hairpin recently wrote a piece about, what they’re calling, “Snackwave”— an internet meme and pop culture trend of people being obsessed with foods like pizza, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs. This obsession bleeds into people’s wardrobes, music, and other parts of their lives that have absolutely nothing to do with eating. Snackwave foods are accessible and enjoyable. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate them in every part of your life?

To celebrate pizza—the perfect snackwave food, here’s a roundup of our favorite pizza swag to help pizza-fy your life.

10) Turntable Slipmat

Pizza-DJ Slipmat

Looking to complement your vinyl collection with a little modern edge? This fits the bill perfectly. If you’re prepping your DJ set and want to include your favorite food, you can do that as well with this turntable slipmat that looks like a pepperoni ‘za.

9) The Pizza Underground Tote Bag

The Pizza Underground Tote Bag

Can’t get enough of Macaulay Culkin’s new band? Get it while it’s hot with this limited edition tote bag from the band’s Etsy account. Maybe Mr. Culkin will package yours with his own, greasy, pizza hands! Or, maybe not. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

8) Pizza Beanbag Chair

Pizza Bean Bag Chair

If you’re looking for a cozy and delicious-looking place to lounge, then this pizza beanbag chair from Wow Works is just the slice you need. Perfect for a small apartment that needs more places to sit or the luckiest dog or cat in the world, this piece of pizza might be the softest one you ever find.

7) Pizza BFF Necklaces

Pizza BFF Necklace

Friends don’t let friends pizza-fy their lives alone. Share your snackwave favorite food with 8 of your favorite friends. Perfect for bridesmaids, your pizza club, or just your best pals, this whole-pie necklace is split into $20 slices – perhaps the most expensive slice you’ll ever have, but also the only one you can wear and not get weird looks for.

6) Pizza Keychains for You & Your Bros

Pizza-fy your Life with Pizza Keychains

The more dude-friendly version of the Pizza BFF Necklaces, these pizza slice keychains are great for you and the guys. Guys do BFF keychains, right? Well, maybe not, but what’s stopping you? That’s right– nothing. Share these slices.

5) Cats on Pizza in Space Sweatpants

Pizza Sweatpants

It says these are for guys, but who’s to say the ladies can’t partake, too? That said, dudes—don’t pass on these. They’re sweatpants with cats on pizza in space. ‘Nuff said.

4) Pizza Backpack

Pizza Backpack

If you’re heading off to school, need a sweet carry-on bag, or you just want a cool place to stash your stuff, this pizza backpack will get the job done right while telling everyone what you’re all about. We can’t, however, recommend using this backpack to transport pizza anywhere, since logistically, all the cheese would probably slide off.

3) Pizza Mug

Pizza-fy your life with a Pizza Mug

Show your co-workers that you’re ready to pizza-fy your life with this pizza mug. Sadly (actually, no, this isn’t sad) pizza-flavored creamer doesn’t exist yet, so you’ll have to take your coffee the traditional way. At least if you can’t decide what to have for lunch, your mug will remind you what you need most.

2) Pizza Phone Case

Pizaz iPhone Case

You’ve got your favorite pizza spot saved in your phone’s contact list, and if you don’t, you’ve got an app that can get you a pizza delivered in no time. Pizza-fy your life one step further by cradling your iPhone in a case that will protect it when you inevitably drop your cellphone while trying to Instagram that perfect slice. If only that pizza grease wasn’t all over your fingers!

1) Pizza Love Shirt

Pizza is Love T-Shirt

This shirt is a conversation starter and a declaration of your heart’s true feelings all in one. Perfect for parties, your next Tinder date, or to show off to fellow patrons why you’re at the gym, nothing will pizza-fy your life more than this shirt.


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Jena Kehoe lives in Logan Square, Chicago. When she's not eating pizza, she's running or hanging out with her pug, Samson. Her favorite pizza toppings are pepperoni, mushrooms, and green olives.

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